Because appearances matter, it is important that your heating system does not become a distraction. That’s where design radiators come in. They fit perfectly into contemporary interiors as well as older or historic buildings. FIRST Heating systems design radiators are also great when combined with condensing boilers and heat pumps. They are compatible with older heating systems which means that you don’t have to worry about lengthy and expensive remodelling of your entire home. It fits virtually anywhere – bathrooms, living rooms, entrance halls, just about anywhere you need it.
Furthermore, our glass hot water radiators do not copy the design of standard metal or cast iron radiators. What sets them apart is their unique appearance combined with ESG tempered safety glass and painted sheet metal. This completes the look of your interior design perfectly.


These heaters work on the principle of regular airflow that is heated up via an exclusive heat exchanger, combining low water volume and high efficiency. This allows you to heat up the room almost instantly while cutting your spending on heating large volumes of water. And we must not overlook that the radiator cover is manufactured not to exceed 43 °C, making it absolutely safe for you and the children.
“FIRST Heating systems” radiators are designed to only warm up the air in the particular room, not to boil it, as is usual with traditional radiators. In addition, the air is heated evenly in a very short time. The heated air thus provides a natural and comfortable warmth, which goes hand in hand with the right humidity in the room.



At FIRST Heating systems, you are sure to find the right solution for you whether you want a wall heating system, a floor heating system or BATH design radiators for your bathroom. Just select the radiator that is best for your home. And non-standard dimensions are no problem either. If you cannot find a size that would work for your home, we can adjust the length and height of the radiator. In such a case, please feel free to contact us and together, we will make sure that the heater does not ruin your perfect interior décor.



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