Are you looking for a way to efficiently heat your bathroom? Then FIRST Heating Systems bathroom infrared heating panels are the perfect solution for you. We offer several different types and designs of heating panels, and you are sure to find one that is right for you.


Simplicity is power! That is why we have introduced pure frame and frameless infrared panels. The back and the optional frame are made of aluminium, while the front is made of 4 mm thick ESG safety glass (tempered glass). You can select the panel in black or white; however, it can be supplied in any colour on request. The infrared heating panel is available in several sizes with a power output of 230-1300W.


The MIRROR line is a mirror version of the typical First Heating Systems infrared heaters. That’s why they are the ideal infrared panels for the bathroom. Thanks to the 6 mm thick ESG mirror glass, it is difficult to tell whether it is a heating system or not. Like all our other infrared heating panels, the heating mirrors are available in frame and frameless designs. As with the FRAME and ELEGANT lines, you can choose from several sizes.


Nowadays, the trend is to decorate bathrooms with various accessories. So why not hang a heating picture in your bathroom? You can choose any picture, whether you want a family photo in your bathroom or a painting with a natural motif. There is no limit to your imagination. We will make custom panels and ship them to you. As with all our infrared panels, we supply the PICTURE line in several sizes with and without a frame.


Panels should be placed in bathroom zone 3 (see picture). This distance should be sufficient to prevent water damage. In any case, the socket into which you plug the heater should be fitted with a residual current circuit breaker. Heating panels should not be installed behind furniture or other objects as their efficiency will be reduced. Each infrared panel comes with an installation template for drilling holes in the wall. Detailed instructions for installation and use can be found in the Downloads for Infrared heating panels section.